Cartoons Worth Watching

Parenting in this age is not a walk in the park. Aside from outside influences, parents also have to watch the media influences inside their houses. The internet and the TV can also influence your children when you leave them unattended with these gadgets for numerous hours.

It would be best to monitor what the kids are watching or playing. In our home, we chose not to avail of cable subscription since we don’t really watch TV much and I believe this will give us more control on what we watch as a family. For the kids, we try to buy them videos of quality cartoons, educational shows or good family movies.

Here are some of the cartoon series that my kids love to watch:

Handy Manny. We love how Handy Manny teaches good values while keeping the kids entertained by his wacky tools from his tool box and tool bags.

Flying House. The timeless stories of the New Testament is an all time favorite. We often discuss biblical teachings and wrapping up with an animated movie is one of my kids’ favorite activities.

Magic School Bus. Both my children love Science and Magic School Bus shows how things work and they just love this show. No matter how many times they watch an episode, it is just like they are watching it for the first time.


  1. Have you tried Cyberchase (math) and Sid the Science Kid? We watch them all at Youtube.

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