Decluttering Tips!

If you ask me, one of my favorite things to do when I have free time in the house is to declutter. Maybe it is because we only have a small house with limited space or maybe I just don’t really like clutter. I always have this urge to give away stuff which hasn’t moved for at least 6 months. Rather than waste the resources, I would rather pass them on to someone who would benefit from them.

Here is what I did to declutter and make our space more usable:

A few months ago, I needed bookshelf space so I went through our entire bookshelf and sorted every book. I was able to give away more than 20 books to someone who had a garage sale. I ended up helping someone at the same time, more shelf space for our books and photo albums.

Hubby and I both collected music CDs years back and they took up a lot of space in the house. I removed them from the tower type CD racks and transferred them to a mini audio cabinet. It freed up the space and made the CDs sorted and clean inside the cabinet.

Every 3 months, I go through the board games, toys and clutter inside the room of my kids. I ask the kids to sort the things with me. If they think they wouldn’t like to use the toys anymore, we keep them in a separate container waiting for the next opportunity we can bless others.

Every 6 months or less, I would ask the kids to help me look through their wardrobe to remove those clothes which they no longer wear so I can segregate the small clothes. We usually give the small clothes to our stay-out helper for her kids or donate them whenever there are people needing these items.

Decluttering periodically is important. It saves space, helps others and makes us responsible for all our belongings. How often do you declutter in your house? Share your decluttering tips with me. I would love to hear about them.


  1. “Decluttering periodically is important.” – I should to this. I’m such a procrastinator, it’s so bad. ;(
    Though we have more than enough space at home, the amount of stuff we need to pass on and dispose are just piling up.
    Thanks for this reminder and tips!!! I will try to move my butt and declutter w/ the kids, pronto! :p

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