Learning to Play the Keyboard

Recently, my daughter had started practicing playing the keyboards. Every morning, she plays a routine and hopefully by next week, she will learn to play some notes already. We have had some music theory lessons already in the past and it is now time to integrate everything and put them into practice. I myself don’t know how to play but I look forward to learning along with my daughter. We use the notes I gathered from my old music theory classes and we also check out some YouTube tutorial videos from time to ┬átome.

Someday, I hope that both of us can learn and be of service to our church. If we buy Korg Amplifiers someday, it would be a good sign that we have finally learned to play the keyboard well enough!

Do you have any tips that can help us learn to play the keyboard even without attending lessons away from home?


  1. Wow galing naman niya..

    This is so sweet for me because my mom taught me how to play the piano…

    anyway, my tip is: you can practice your fingers:
    place your ten fingers on the white keys and tap a key for each finger one by one without removing the fingers on the keys… once you get used to this, tap the keys two same fingers at a time(you tap your right thumb and left thumb at the same time then your left and right index finger, etc.. or alternately, )

    hope that helped! good luck!

  2. i really haven’t checked this out yet because my son still has to finish his Bastien primer book but it’s free: http://www.dlpmusicprogram.com/. we also have learn and master’s DVD piano course (http://www.learnandmaster.com/piano/) but I wouldn’t recommend that for your daughter because it’s geared for older learners. HTH!

    btw, i really love reading your posts! knowing that you homeschool without househelp, i wonder how you cram everything in!

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