Parental Guidance on Internet Usage

When I was growing up, there were no computers. I remember encountering a computer when I was a high school student already and computers weren’t even graphic yet! I’m pretty sure you can guess how old I am! Anyway, the modern technology has invaded our lives. The children now, grow up with the knowledge just how much fun and easy information can be accessed through the computer and the internet.

My own children knows how to log in, to look through the desktop for icons and double click and look for the files they need. They also know what search engines are for and my 8 year old daughter has a blog of her own too! Of course, using the computer also comes with great responsibility. Knowing which sites to visit or which applications to install is equally if not, even more important.

If they accidentally install or delete files, registry cleaner from can be a big help to repair broken files. But for accessing internet sites, there are more guidelines that I implement with my kids:
1. I always warn my children not to trust everything they see in the internet. They have to verify whatever they read or see.
2. I also tell them that not everything in the internet is good to visit. There are many harmful sites which can cause your computer to crash or load your computer with viruses.
3. I let them know that there are bad contents which aren’t pleasing to the Lord therefore, as His followers, we shouldn’t even visit these sites.
4. I look for great sites for them to visit and share these with them.
5. I do not allow them to access the internet without my presence to avoid going to wrong sites.

I certainly believe that we should be aware what internet sites our kids visit and look at. It is a lot of work for us parents but this could prevent internet related problems later on.

Do you have guidelines for your kids when they use the computer or the Internet?


  1. I hope parents are reading this and pay close attention. I am surprised that we have so much WiFi access in the Philippines – that as young as gradeschoolers can go online anytime anywhere. cyberbully is very rampant here and I hope it does not happen there yet

  2. Yes, I was also in high school when I first handled a computer :). It was one of those Apple computers, I think. Remember Printshop? 😉
    I always make sure I”m beside my daughter when she’s on the internet. I don’t trust what’s out there. Even those cybernanny types of software aren’t foolproof.

  3. That’s one problem I’m facing right now. My two kids are always on the keyboards. Though we only allowed them to play on Fridays and Saturdays, they would sneak during weekdays. We monitor their use of the internet by checking the history. We did not teach/tell them about that part, sshhh. Another thing I know to protect them from adult and other negative sites is to set up parental controls.

  4. I agree with everything you said. It is very crucial for us parents to monitor our kids’ activities, especially on the internet.

    For now, hanggang Starfall at Nickelodeon pa lang ang nabibisita ng kids ko. Nakabantay din ako habang naglalaro sila. Hehe.

  5. great read, and very timely, chris – do you use any internet tool to monitor their usage?

  6. The internet is a great source of information nowadays but the really young ones still need to be guided when accessing the internet. If possible, they should only access the internet in the presence of their parents. Teenagers may not welcome the idea but maybe parents could at least limit the time they access the internet for them to prioritize their homeworks and other important things that they need to do online.

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