The Berenstain Bears Book

Have you heard of the Berenstain Bears?

If you haven’t, it is time for you to pick up some of their books and read with your family. Each story is about the bear family which comprises of Papa bear, Mama bear, Brother bear and Sister bear. They also have a new family member named Honey Bear.

You will surely enjoy their family stories and easily relate with them! Each story teaches a lesson to the kids and instill some family values. It can help start a conversation in your homes where you can discuss the unique situations and how you can apply what you learned.

There are many titles in the series and some of them are Trouble With Pets, Too Much Junk Food, Bad Dream, Too Much TV, Forget their Manners, Trouble with Money, Go to the Doctor Get in a Fight and many more. You can buy them online or at bookstores. I found our copies mostly from Booksale with prices ranging from 25 pesos – 65 pesos.

It is definitely a good collection to have in your homes!


  1. Thank you for the info Ms. Chris! I got my son’s books from Booksale, too. I will check out the Berenstain Bears Book next time I get to visit a branch.

  2. I forgot about these bears…I think they had a cartoon show before. I can introduce this to my kids! 🙂

  3. Thank you for featuring these books. I grew up reading this series when I was a child. I’m just waiting for my daughter to pass the phase where she tears up anything that is paper before I give the books for her to read. 😀

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