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When I became a mom, I had a desire to  know more about motherhood. You can prepare yourself to be a mother but it is only when you become one that you really learn about motherhood. I thank the Lord for that motherly instinct that He gave me when I became a mom, but aside from that, I wanted to learn from others who have gone before me. Thankfully, there are many books available and they did inspire me and guide me through the first days of motherhood.

Aside from books, I bought several parenting magazines which gave me more insights and different approaches to motherhood. I am a hands-on mom and live away from the Metro so I don’t get to frequently go out. It is good that through an online site, I can now choose which magazines I want to subscribe to with the convenience of being at home.

Magazine Deals is an innovative site which allows you to compare prices of magazine deals available online. It contains more than 2000 magazine titles from the top magazine sellers. The titles are sorted according to categories, merchants and alphabetically. You can also search through the price range you desire.

As homeschoolers, my kids love to read and magazines are legitimate sources of information too. My kids are very much interested in magazines lately, which is great because they get to see more resources and pick up more ideas. My 8 year old daughter loves magazines for girls like Tinkerbell, Disney Princess, Dog Fancy andDog World. While my 5 year old son loves those about animals like National Geographic for Kids. I am glad to see that Magazine Deals carry these titles as well. Of course, they also carry titles for moms like Parenting and the widely read Reader’s Digest.

There are some ¬†things I noticed which I think will further enhance the service that Magazine Deals offers, I hope there will be more merchant coupons for other titles soon. I think they also need to have a better FAQ page where online customers will know that once they click “buy”, they will be redirected to another webpage already.

On the other side, I liked that one can write a review for the magazine purchases you make. I also like that I am able to look through the countless categories.

Hopefully, someday they will also feature local magazines of other countries. That certainly is something that I am looking forward to!

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