I have been exposing the kids to music as early as I can remember. Since I was pregnant with them, I have always listened to positive music. When they were born, I played songs for them at least once a day and often sang to them. As they grew older, they are exposed to different musical instruments at home. When we have the opportunity, we watch concerts and musicals so they will appreciate music even more.

Now that my daughter is old enough to learn to play the keyboards, we have been having music theory lessons and hands-on keyboard lessons at home. I also hope that as my son grows up a bit more, he would also be interested to learn to play musical instruments.

I believe that music can help express one’s emotions. It aids in one’s expressions and even helps one’s brain to function better. Music has been a blessing to me through the years, it has helped me cope with my emotions. Hopefully, it will also help my kids as they grow up and go through life’s various seasons.

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