Physical Education At Home

If you are wondering about how we do Physical Education in our homeschool, this post is for you. We follow a simple routine of exercises at home. We take out our mats or if you have yoga props that can be useful too. Then we follow simple exercises involving psychomotor learning, at least once a week.

Sometimes, we play songs and we dance to the rhythm of the song. We express our creativity through body movements. My daughter also attends ballet classes at least 2x a week.

Another form of physical education is informing the kids how physical activity affects our body. Then we have intentional physical activities which includes daily walking around our neighborhood. We also try to engage in sports activities like jogging, football, swimming, biking and badminton.

Physical education is a fun time for the family and it provides a bonding opportunity for the family!


  1. We go to our trampoline and jump our hearts out! 😀

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