Playing Creatively

Sometimes, I allow my kids to take some time off our academics so that they have time to play creatively.

Here are some of the ways they play creatively:

1. Finger puppets.

2. Musical show

Sometimes, the kids will get their stuff toys and play some music, then use their toys to dance to the tune of their favorite songs and give a show.

3. Shadow show

They tell a story using their shadows on the wall. Sometimes, they also use Popsicle sticks and use them as the actors of their show.

4. Origami folding

Using paper, the shapes that the kids create are limitless!

5. Clay molding

Using clay, they can create animals, buildings, food or whatever they want to play with!

I believe that the time the kids spend playing creatively is equally important as their academics to let them express their creativity, resourcefulness and artistry.


  1. Great ideas for creative play, Mommy Chris! We haven’t tried painting their fingers and shadow play yet. We mostly do role-playing, clay molding, and creative music time. We’ll try finger puppets this week. 😀 Thanks again for sharing wonderful ideas.

  2. Cute naman ng mga anak mo sa mga napipili nilang creative indeed!!!

  3. Those activities are really fun ways to explore and enrich the kids’ creativity. Keep it up!

  4. this is an awesome bonding moment and same time practicing their creativity..

  5. You have a beautiful and creative family. Where do you get your ideas?

  6. I love the finger puppets. They are the cutest! We had a shadow play when my kids were a little younger. Until now, they cannot forget that great family time we had.

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