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Being homeschoolers, we stay home most of the week. We spend a lot of our time inside our house and outside our lawn area. Sometimes, we take nature walks around our village to study about nature and science and how it all links together.

Living in a house without a fence, security has always been a concern for the family. We need to make sure that we lock all doors while we are busy with our work inside the house so that no strangers would be able to come into our property. I have always been looking for ideas to make our house more secure. I saw the roller shutters found at . It could be something that we can try to install in some parts of our house.

roller shutters found at

There are different roller shutters available from their site. I saw this roller shutters that they call zip screens. I like its simplicity and style. It is very useful as it can keep our home shaded from the sun yet it will not blocking the light. Perfect for sunny places all year round like the Philippines. I also like its automatic features and how unobtrusive it is. People from outside will not be able to see through our windows yet we can see what is happening outdoors.

roller shutters found at

Another roller shutter worth checking out is the contemporary veranda. Having some space outdoor is important because the kids like exploring the garden and learning about life. This shutter blocks unwanted attention at certain parts of the garden giving privacy to the family members.

Other people are using contemporary glass verandas to create an excellent shelter for the extreme weathers in our tropical country. It is practical but at the same time extremely pleasing to look at.  Glass verandas will allow us to spend time  outdoors even if it is raining.

roller shutters found at

Roller shutters provide additional security and privacy at home. It also adds style. Hopefully, these type of roller shutters are available in the Philippines. I am already saving some money for it!


  1. I love roller shutters! they absolutely need no maintenance – i just ran the vacuum up and down once a week. We have them in all six floor to ceiling windows and we especially chose them because of the privacy it provides and yet the rooms remain bright as sunlight can still go through.

  2. We have one like that installed in our bay window. It keeps intruders away and give you security in your own home!


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