My Heart Speaks

20 years ago, I was a senior high school student. Undecided what to take for college, where to go to college and what would happen to me. Taking one day at a time, believing that the Lord will take me where He wants me to go. I tried to do things my way but I am glad that the Lord is firmly in control of my life.

I took a college course that I didn’t really like and tried shifting a couple of times but it never worked. So I just finished the course and ended up graduating with honors. Then I worked at a Telecoms company as an IT Associate for 7 years. It was a great experience. Definitely worked with some good people and also saw more parts of the world. I was being paid very well. I was able to buy stuff that I need and want, gifts for others like cellphones, guitars and patagonia vest. I can go anywhere and be carefree.

I wouldn’t have thought that I would become a stay at home mom to 2 kids, a wife to a pastor and a full time home maker. God has definitely brought me far from where I was before. There are days that I don’t really know if this is where I am supposed to be or if this is what God wants me to do. I often wonder what would life be if I tried or worked harder back then. If I hadn’t done what I did or chosen what I chose. But those will be things that I will never know. What matters is, what God has done in my life.

Whenever doubt and discouragement comes, I remind myself of how God has blessed me through the years… and the days ahead becomes brighter and more meaningful. Life has taught me a lot of lessons through the years. I believe that it is through these experiences that I can help others as well.

Today, I just want to encourage you.
If doubt and discouragement fills your heart, don’t let it overshadow what God has done in your life through the years, and what He can do through you in the coming days ahead. 


  1. Thanks for this encouragement, Chris! I definitely feel like I am not sure if I am where I’m supposed to be sometimes. But this is where God has brought me, I have a purpose being a stay-at-home-mom to three children.

    • We all go through difficult moments and knowing that we are not alone in our journey helps us get through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Needed this today! Thanks for this post, Chris!

  3. This is very timely for me, Chris. I’ve been feeling quite down the past days maybe because I was feeling “bored” or “useless”. Maybe because I’m used to working and being hands-on with Christmas events planning with the family. But, Z got sick and I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Thank you for sharing!

    • I was feeling a bit discouraged lately too, and writing it all down made me think better … It is encouraging to know that we are not alone in our “bored” or “useless” moments. All of us go through this and we must not believe all these lies!

      You are doing something worthwhile Chesca…

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