Intentional Living: Goals Setting and Blessings Jar

I believe that we have to live intentional lives. We are blessed by God to be where we are and we must make the most out of what He has blessed us with. My goals this year, by the grace of God, is to intentional in every aspect of my life. This is something that I want my kids to learn too, to live life intentionally.
So we started with goal setting for the year. Each child made their own list of goals and I asked them to post it where it can be seen by them regularly. If you want a form, I Can Teach My Child is giving a free printable goal setting form that is very useful.

Here are their goals:

photo (39)

photo (45)

Next, we want to become more thankful and the blessings jar post from Upside Down Homeschooling was perfect! ¬† We created our own version of the blessings jar. Whenever any member of the family receives any blessing of some sort, we should write it and put it inside the jar. By year end, we would all look back and remember God’s faithfulness in our lives.

photo (46)


These are but small steps. But as the quote says, be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.


  1. Thanks, Ms. Chris! We will try this out. It’s always great to be reminded of God’s blessings.

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