Toby turned 6!

My son turned 6 a few weeks ago. His original request was to go to the beach. We were thinking if we should bring them to the beach or to a resort with a pool or those with ada pool lift but eventually, we headed to Ark Avilon Zoo at Tiendesitas instead!

I remembered that he has been asking to go to the zoo for quite some time now and I was delighted that he enjoyed the day at the zoo and at Tiendesitas looking for dogs. He has been wanting to have a pet dog for some time now, but we all agreed that now is not the best time to have a pet dog yet. So he was content with dog window shopping at Tiendesitas. πŸ˜‰


At home, the theme of his birthday was Azkals Birthday party. The whole family wore our Azkals t-shirts. We decorated the house with footballs and all Azkals related stuff. He also had some swimming time with his sister at the inflatable pool then enjoyed the presence of his few select guests.


Β It was a simple birthday celebration but a happy one for my little boy!
I love you Toby!


  1. Happy birthday TOBY!
    Magkasunod pala sila ni M! πŸ™‚ I remember our kids have the same ages pala :)))
    M also asked for another pet, and we can’t care for them anymore, so she said when she turns 8 na lang, hahahha…
    I’m glad you had a fun celebration, at least you were able to go out. We just stayed home.

  2. Happy birthday to Toby! What an enjoyable celebration. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Chris! Too bad we missed Toby’s birthday. Greeted him last Sunday, though. Unfortunately, we have to come back to Manila right away. It’s Gio’s special day today, too. Hopefully, the kids (and the moms, too) can spend longer time together when we get back to SR. Miss you guys! God bless.

  4. happy birthday toby!
    Hi Chris, I haven’t visited for a while. OO nga pala, almost same age ang kids natin. Mine is asking for a Princess and a Popstar theme for her birthday πŸ™‚

  5. there is the WORLD LIGHT EXPO at roxas blvd till april 22. there is a nice playarea at tiendesitas.

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