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Happy new year! For all the Chinese people everywhere, it is the beginning of a new year! This year is the year of the water snake. Coming from a Chinese family, I remember my parents always referring to what year it is and them consulting a Chinese book where it shows if it will be a good year or not, or who is compatible with a particular sign. I personally don’t believe in Chinese zodiacs since I believe that only God can ordain what will happen in one’s life. But to others, consulting the Chinese calendar and zodiac is important to ensure at least a positive life for your child or your loved ones.

Aside from the Chinese zodiac books and forture tellers, many consult the baby Chinese calendar and see if it will be a good year to have a baby and what gender they will be blessed with. I’ve seen this baby gender predictor and I think one should not totally rely on such calendars, though you certainly can use it for fun and see if it will guess correctly. It is a fairly easy site to use , just enter mother’s birthdate and the baby’s conception date.

I didn’t consult anyone when we were having babies, but I am really thankful to the Lord that He has blessed us with 1 boy and 1 girl! If you are trying to conceive either a boy or a girl, I believe that praying to God and letting Him know the desires of your heart is the best way to go.


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