Geography Lessons

One of the things that I really miss since I decided to stop working full time is traveling to another country. I love learning about culture and people and traveling outside of my own country allows me to learn so much more than books can ever teach me. But since traveling does incur financial charge, I can not afford to travel now.

One of the country that I’d like to visit someday would be Paris. I’ve never been to Paris. I have seen movies and friend’s travel photos from this place and it looks very interesting. The luxury apartment rental paris style certainly is something worth checking out as well. Even my kids know about Paris and someday dreams of visiting it too.

For now, we pretend that we ride on an airplane then we stamp our make believe passports and learn about Paris France by studying about the country, the people, the language and the culture. We research about their government, brief history and famous landmarks too. We also read stories whose location is set there. We also watch movies to appreciate the beauty of the place and to hear the language being spoken.

Our weekly geography lessons excites the kids and allows us to see that we are but a small part of the world that God has created. The world is much bigger than just the four walls of our home and there is so much to learn about the world.

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