Hubby and His Bike, Trekkie


Since my hubby bought his bike last November, he has been riding his bike, Trekkie, almost daily, except Sundays. Β His usual routes include Nuvali, Silang Caviteand Tagaytay City. It was a huge investment financially but otherwise, I can say that it has been a good investment.

I have blogged in the past that hubby has diabetes, since 2010 he has been injecting insulin to help regulate the sugar in his body. But since regularly riding his bike, his sugar levels has stabilized and he is no longer injecting insulin. He has also began to lose weight. Definitely, health wise – he is much healthier.

He has also been sporting a much active and disciplined lifestyle. He wakes up early at dawn to go and ride. He cleans his bike and now spends some time usingΒ tooling components at reidsupply.comΒ to fix his bike every now and then. He doesn’t get tired as easily whenever there is an activity at home or when we are outside. I definitely like the more active lifestyle he is sporting now.

He gets to spend time with people outside of the worship center. Along with other bikers from the church, they have formed a group called Pedals for Christ. They bike together regularly, have devotions and do evangelistic outreach programs too.


At home, he has become a good example to our kids so that they will engage in an active lifestyle as well. The look forward to spending time with their dad as they bike together here in our village and in Nuvali.

Though from time to time he chooses to spend on his bike, I believe that God has put this desire in his heart to ride so that he can be healthier for God’s glory!


  1. Erwin amador says

    Thank you for you support. I love you

  2. Good for him, and good for your family!
    How I wish we can also start a more active lifestyle. With all the gadgets at home, and having a techie homebody husband, I don’t know if we’ll ever have that chance and spend more time outdoors.

  3. Healthier for God’s glory- I like that Chris πŸ™‚

  4. that’s great for your hubby esp. for his condition. Kudos to him as it takes discipline and determination to pursue a hobby πŸ™‚

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