Love for Science

While I was growing up, Science wasn’t my favorite subject. I didn’t like experiments much and I didn’t like chemistry nor physics. I guess I wasn’t wired for Science. If you asked me to explain halogen replacement bulbs or how electricity travels from the socket to the light bulbs, I probably won’t be able to answer you correctly.

But thankfully, both my kids love learning about Science and how things work. Here are some tips to  make Science more interesting for the kids:

As early as preschool, we exposed the kids to nature and the environment. We take nature walks to investigate and see what we learned from the books in real life. Our surroundings usually is the best place to start learning about life and how things work.

Perform experiments. Usually experiments can be messy but hands-on techniques usually make the child remember more about the lesson.

Watch interesting documentaries about how things work. There are many shows from National Geographic and Discover Channel which are suitable for the children.

Use living books instead of text books. It makes learning more real and interesting for the kids.

Watch Magic School Bus series. It is cartoons and my kids love it! They are not only entertained, but they learn so much about life and everything else through this series. You can also get the books, since it is packed with information.

As the kids cultivate a ┬álove of learning, Science would definitely become one of their favorite subjects. Who wouldn’t want to learn about the world around us?

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