Our Social Studies Lesson

We have been learning about the Philippine government in my daughter’s Social Studies class for the past weeks. I think it is quite timely as there is an upcoming national and local elections in the country. We are using Vibal Publishing’s One Country One People as our reference book for this subject.

We have been studying about the different government agencies and what are the roles of each one. It is the first time that my daughter has ever  studied the government so I wanted to make it  more interesting for her. Aside from breezing through the book, we used real life examples.

It was an interesting discussion as we watched some documentaries on what the president does from the local government TV station. We discussed the recent coal mining accident news and what government agencies are involved. We even discussed the safety of the people working in such places, whether they wear safety vest or follow procedures in mining. We also talk about how the environment is affected. With the recent typhoon that has struck our country, we were also able to discuss the roles of PAG-ASA and how they monitor the weather of the country.

Lessons in Social Studies can become quite boring but if we can show our children how it affects their lives and their country, they will have more appreciation for it and eventually learn from it!

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