Anyone with a life threatening cancer diagnosis, or anyone who knows a cancer victim, needs to know about This website is dedicated to helping cancer patients find experimental cancer treatments and clinical trials for their particular form of cancer. cureLauncher strives to match individuals with researchers for medical testing in attempts to improve a participant’s condition and to provide a better quality of life. The website has entire sections devoted to breast cancer and lists of current clinical trial locations. Everything is written in layman’s language to avoid any complicated medical or legal terminology which may be difficult to understand. The clinical trial section has a short form where someone enters the type of cancer they want to research; the home zip code and state; and where trials are being conducted within a 10 mile to an unlimited area range across the United States from the zip code. Currently there are hundreds of breast cancer clinical trials being conducted at over 8,000 locations. This is a free service with no cost to the patient. If someone cannot find a trial program or location for their particular type of cancer, cureLauncher personnel will gladly assist in the search. Not every breast cancer patient will qualify for all of the specific trial programs, but with the vast variety of trials being conducted, there should be a few that every patient can apply to join. Every day is precious and every breast cancer victim is encouraged to visit today. The life you save may very well be your own.


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