First Birthday Celebrations

As a mom, one of the biggest milestone of your child’s life is his first birthday party. I still remember my daughter having several birthday parties because of the different people who were invited. She had a traditional Chinese birthday party in a Chinese restaurant, with all our Chinese relatives. Then she had a simple children’s birthday party at my in-laws house with her cousins and 2nd cousins from my in-laws side.  With my son, we just had one simple birthday party where all our relatives and friends traveled to Santa Rosa Laguna to celebrate our son’s first birthday.

I believe that first birthday parties are more for the parents rather than for the child. The child is too little to remember anything that happens during the party, and the parents celebrate this milestone with special people who they want to become part of their child’s life as he grows up. There are so many ways to celebrate the first birthday, aside from having the typical birthday parties. I’ve listed some suggestions for you.

Take pictures of every milestone. Create a slide show and keep it so you can show it and discuss with your child how  you celebrated his or her first year.

Write a journal. You can start a journal from day 1 until day 365. This would be a good way to share your thoughts with your child.

Create a scrapbook. Include newspaper clippings to show the headlines for the year and add some historical facts about your family.

Pass on a heirloom. Put the family heirloom on a box and keep it until your child grows up.

Share the blessing with less fortunate people.

However you want to celebrate the first birthday, one thing that you shouldn’t forget is to preserve the memories and share it with your child when he has grown up.

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