Gift Ideas For A New Place

photo (74)Moving is both exciting and potentially fraught with upheaval. When you’ve just moved house and you’re still living out of boxes, you can feel unsettled, no matter how exhilarating it is to make a new space your own.

If you have friends or loved ones going through this hectic time, there are two things that can really help them to settle in: company and gifts. There’s a reason why housewarming parties are a rite of passage: it’s because it really does ‘warm’ an unfamiliar place to fill it with familiar faces and the laughter of friends. And of course, no one going to a housewarming do should ever show up without a gift for the new pad.

A great gift for the home should ideally show that you’ve paid attention to the owners’ tastes. If you’re unsure of exactly what they might like, it’s difficult to go wrong with scented candles – as well as creating a soft ambience, they give off welcoming fragrances that will instantly make a new house seem like a home.

Many luxury cosmetics and designer brands, as well as niche perfumeries, offer scented candles imbued with rich fragrances that last for hours. A single candle from a high-quality brand makes a sophisticated gift, especially when beautifully wrapped.

If you know the new homeowners well and are confident about their tastes, a more stand-out statement piece will be a welcome addition to a home that may well be in need of personalising. Glassware is not only aesthetically pleasing but often useful: new wine or cocktail glasses always come in handy, or a beautifully designed vase makes a lovely housewarming gift.

A painting or another piece of artwork is a very special present. If you have a good idea of the kind of visual art your friends prefer, look around for one-off pieces in smaller independent art galleries. Building a new home could be the perfect opportunity for your friends to begin a collection of works by an artist previously unknown to them. Alternatively, an art book will instantly add a touch of glamour to a bare coffee table.

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