It’s Never Too Late To Learn!

I don’t know anything about make ups. I grew up not wearing make up and was never interested in them. Sometimes, I don’t know if that is good or bad. I see myself as simple and I really never thought of spending much on make up. Maybe I am a bit naive but it’s just never been my interest.

Until a few months ago, I have never put make up on myself or on anyone else. I am now trying to learn the process of make up because my daughter always joins ballet recitals and needs to put make up on. I watch YouTube videos that show
airbrush foundation, eye shadow color combination and lipstick application.

This is the result of my very first make up on my daughter a few months back.
photo (78)

I know I have a long way to go but this is a start. I am now more aware of the different brands, kinds of brush and I experiment with the different colors. I try to learn all I can so I can assist my daughter whenever she needs to have make up on.

I would never have thought that the day will come when I finally learn about make up, but times do change. It’s never too late to learn.


  1. Let’s do this Mommy Chris! 🙂

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