Let’s Pretend!

Having a little boy at home is pretty exciting. You never know what he is going to do or what antics he will pull off! My son is very expressive. He retells stories very animatedly and he uses facial expressions and sounds to convey his message. He also likes to play pretend.

One day he is a pilot, wearing a navy flight jacket and his pilot hat. We ride on our make believe plane and go to other countries. This way, we learn about the country and their culture. On other days, he pretends that he is a pet dog and boy, does he sound like one! We learn about how to take care of pets. Sometimes, he is a sports player. He likes football and sometimes, he is a basketball player. We learn about why we need to exercise and the functions of the different parts of the body. There are times that he pretends to be a handyman, like his favorite cartoon, Handy Manny or a builder who makes streets for his cars.

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Playing pretend isn’t just pure fun for the kids,  but it is an important process which helps them develop certain skills. It nurtures their imagination and creativity. I’ve seen this with my kids as they use old boxes to create new “homes” and “cabinets”.

It also helps them in their language skill development. As they pretend to be a character, they converse with each other and I was actually surprised to hear both my kids speak in good English.

Of course, it also helps enhance their thinking skills as they try to solve their problems and cooperate with one another to achieve their goal.

Pretend play is one of my kids’ favorite past time. So when you drop by our house, don’t be surprised if you see our place filled with old boxes and other stuff.

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