Life Lessons

The last week has been really busy for me. Hubby had a surgery to implant a stainless steel into his clavicle area. We have been in the hospital for almost a week and when we were finally home, there are lots of things that needed to be done. Chores, caring for the kids and providing assistance to my hubby. I don’t get to spend much time online at all. I want to do some shopping online for the next school year for the  kids and some clothes for hubby at and buy some pillows online.

Life has been busy but I am not complaining.

The whole family is together and everyone is participating in helping each other. My kids learned to be more considerate and they are more responsible. We got to spend more time together as a family too. The children get to see how we should treat one another when a crisis arises in the family. It is not the most ideal setting in our family but truly, God’s grace has sustained us through this tough moments in our life.  We all see how God’s faithfulness is unfolding and what love truly means. It is being committed to helping one another and being there for each other not only during happy times, but most importantly through tough times.


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