Parenting Tip: Giving More of Yourself As Your Kids Grow

One thing I learned in parenting is that while the children are growing, you need to provide more for your kids. And I am not talking about financial resources. Financially, you might need to save more since education and other expenses increase as well but what I have in mind is that you need to provide more of yourself to your kids since their needs are evolving.

They need spiritual guidance.

Even if you have taught your children Bible stories when they were young or your children attends Sunday school weekly, it is important that you continue to guide them spiritually. Having regular family devotions and family discussions can be a great way to disciple your kids and give them the guidance that they need as they face new and different situations in life.

They need emotional support.

Peer pressure and  dealing with feelings and friends are new to your children. You need to help your kids process what they feel and deal with their emotions so that they will not succumb to peer pressure. They also need to know how to express their feelings appropriately. The only way to show your children that you are there for them is to spend time with them.

They need your presence in their life.

Quality time is important but you also need to invest quantity time in your children’s lives. Being close with our kids as they grow up is essential so that we as parents can connect to our children and be who they need us to be. We need to know them so that our relationship grows with them. We need to know what they aspire to be when they grow up, whether they dream to be like the Sugar land cosmetic dentist or architects or lawyers or teachers. We need to know what is their greatest fear and what makes them tick. As we spend time with our kids, we grow along with them.


Parenting is hard work, especially as your kids grow but we need to remember to continually draw near to God to be able to provide our children what they need.  Giving more of ourselves is what God expects of us.


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