Pregnancy Myths

While pregnant, expect to get many unsolicited advises from all sorts of people. While some of the advises might be true but some of them could be myths. There are many myths you shouldn’t believe in since most of these myths have been passed on from old traditions and unconfirmed reports.

Let me share with you some of the pregnancy myths I encountered while I was pregnant so that you would be aware of them and know which ones to believe.

It is time to eat for two. Many people told me that I should eat more since I am eating for two. I know I needed to gain weight but I soon learned that I should only gain weight during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I should also watch what I eat so that the baby wouldn’t gain too much weight before he or she is born.

Don’t exercise while pregnant. If you move too much, it could harm the baby was what they told me but I soon learned that having regular exercise is good for my body and for my baby’s safe delivery eventually. It could also help prevent gestational diabetes.

Food cravings should be followed so that baby will be happy. Food cravings has nothing to do with the baby but the cravings is from the mom. The mom should not succumb to unhealthy cravings but always consider the nutritional value of the food.

In this age, one must be wise in following advises from other people. There are many ways to verify if an advise is true or is just a hoax. Here are some ways to verify:

1. Ask your OB-GYNE. It is important to know if your OB-GYNE approves whatever you are eating since your OB-GYNE is overseeing your health, your pregnancy and your child’s safety.

2. Research. There are many ways to research with the help of the internet and the pregnancy books available. If you want to debunk more pregnancy myths, read this article.

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  1. how about drinking cold drinks will make your baby grow bigger in your tummy?
    fact or myth? 🙂

  2. actually, i don’t know too…
    some say it’s true but others say it’s just a myth. 🙂 i, myself is confused… esp at this weather, i would love to drink anything cold! 🙂

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