Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

Since I was small, I have always been battling problems with my sensitive skin. Especially during summer time, my skin gets all itchy and dry. I was told that I may have skin asthma by doctors when I was younger. I remember going to an allergologist to find out where I was allergic too. Eventually, the doctor said that I was allergic to dust. I just had to be careful when it was summer time and to always apply lotion.

Through the years, I have been trying my best to take care of my skin to avoid skin episodes. It has almost been 10 years ago when I last had a major skin problem.

Here are some of things that I do for my sensitive skin:

> Use Dove unscented soap for my body, hands and face.

> I try to use Organic skin care whenever possible.

> Limit soaking my hands on water with detergent soap and dish washing liquid.

> Don’t use scented lotions.

> Apply unscented lotion after taking a bath and extensive washing of hands.

> Don’t scrub too hard.

Having sensitive skin is hard but being aware can help you be prepared for possible effects on your skin.


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