Watching Shows As A Family

As a family, we have made it a point to bring our kids to different shows, concerts, musicals, movies, ballets and sports events at least once a quarter. I believe that watching live plays and games help the kids to learn more about the arts and the sports of their interest. Aside from enjoying the show itself, they see what goes on behind the shows and the games. It gives them a glimpse of life’s possibilities. I also believe that it can inspire the kids to pursue their dreams in the future.

If you are a fan, it fuels your passion for the craft that you are interested in. If you are like me, who loves music from the 80s, you must love Bruce Springsteen’s music. So whenever he has upcoming concerts, I visit Stubhub for Bruce Springsteen tickets. This way, I get to watch my favorite musician and at the same time, it fuels my passion for my music.

My kids are fans of Philippine football, whenever there are games, we watch together so it allows us to bond together while cheering for our favorite team. It also allows my kids to show their support and love for the country too.

Watching shows together creates countless family bonding memories and creates wonderful learning opportunities for the family.


  1. We only watch TV and movies as a family. Unfortunately, my husband is not a fan of live shows so we rare watch plays, and never watched a concert with the kids yet. 🙁

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