You are Your Child’s First and Best Teacher Seminar

I believe that as parents, we are the first and best teachers of our children. If you want to learn about this, be sure to check out The Learning Basket‘s seminar for parents.

You Are Your Child_s First and Best Teacher March 23
“You Are Your Child’s First and Best Teacher” is for parents of children ages 0 to 3. It’s perfect for first time parents who may not yet be confident in their parenting skills and who want to connect with other parents.  It aims to help parents support their children’s development by exploring the mindset of being the first and best teacher, discussing the basics of child development, and providing examples and ideas of appropriate activities for each developmental level. It would be a good venue to share experiences and connect with other parents.
The speaker is Mariel Uyquiengco, mother of two “littles”, a Kindermusik educator, children’s books lover, and an advocate of the idea that parents are their children’s first and best teacher.  She is also the owner of The Learning Basket. One of my favorite online shops selling books and toys.
To Register:
Registration is P250 but will be waived if parents buy a minimum of P500 worth of books or toys from The Learning Basket’s booth during the event, to encourage participants  to add to their children’s library/educational materials. Please fill up the registration form if you are attending. For more information, please check Mariel’s post.
Wonderworld will be holding a special raffle for the participants
Mama Chows will be providing free snacks
Medela Moms – venue

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