Choosing the Right Gifts for Children

With all the products available in the market for kids out there, buying gifts for children has become complicated. From the different genres of books, to the different styles of dress  to the multiple digital gadgets, it can make gift giving a hard task.

Here are some tips to make gift giving to children more meaningful and less stressful:

1. Choose personalized gifts for kids. Personalized books would work wonders as it would make reading even more fun for the children and instill a love for reading and learning in them.

2. Choose age appropriate gifts. Knowing the age of the recipient of the gift is a must to be able to choose a gift wisely. For younger kids, it is best to give them gifts which would allow them to explore, create and learn. Whereas older kids can get digital gadgets.

3. Choose handmade gifts over ready made ones. These kind of gifts can inspire children to become more creative themselves.

4. Choose to include a hand written note. It can make the gift more personal and memorable.

5. Choose gifts which can inspire creativity and resourcefulness over gifts which are easily forgotten.

Gift giving can become a way to inspire others. Whether it is a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, gifts should always come as a blessing to others.



  1. I should’ve printed this and included it in the invitation for Z’s baptism and birthday celebrations!

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