Learning About the Family

I remeber back in college, I studied about the different laws of the land. I remember studying about obligations and contract, partnership and corporation. Being a stay at home, I know I don’t really utilize what I learned then but it gave me an idea how things work and how to resolve issues at the workplace or at the business.

One law that I believe everyone should study is the family code or family law. I don’t remember studying about the family code.  The photo2family code or family law includes provisions of the law about the family and what constitutes the family. With all the broken families around us,  I think learning about the  family law is important to individuals so that they will grow up informed of their duties and responsibiliies to their family and to the society. After all, the family is the basic unit of the community.

While my kids are studying their social studies subject, I saw in their book that the children are exposed to the different rights and duties of each person. I think this is a good opportunity to widen their knowledge about this subject matter.  I will be including the family code in the coming school year to give the kids some exposure, and some legal information about the family.

We also discuss about the different family cultures  and how it applies to us. Since our family is a mix of Chinese and Filipino, I want the kids to understand how the two cultures affect us. Above all, we talk about what the Bible teaches us about the family.

How about in your family? Do you ever discuss the family and the different issues it is surrounded with?


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