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Mommy Talks is a weekly feature of different moms. For this new season, I am featuring different work at home moms. Our guest for today is Eva Gozon.


Hello Eva! Please share briefly more about yourself.

Hello everyone! I’m so pleased to be featured in this blog and the feeling is really unexplainable! (I actually raised my hand to be featured here! Haha!) Anyway, my name is Eva Gozon. I’m better known as Eve and Bang to most people. I was born in the year 1988 (Just do the Math, please). I’m a mother of one adorable baby boy  and about-to-be-wife to my partner.

I belong to those people wearing white from head to toe with hair neatly tied or trimmed. Did I just hear  you say Nurse? Haha. Yes, I’m a nurse. If you’re a nurse or a Registered Nurse, you probably know how’s my career like.

At home, you’d often see me glued to the computer wearing my not-so-presentable clothes with my hair still tied, but not in a neat way anymore. I often spend day time doing household chores. In the evening, that’s when I transform to another being, a teacher. When I have extra projects,  I try to do it in the afternoon while the baby is quietly sleeping. I also run a small-scale business, a fitness gym, which I monitor frequently. With all of these filling my plate, I still am surprised at how much idle time I still have. I never hired a yaya. I do all the baby stuff myself. (Fine! I am liar! I sometimes ask help from sisters or cousins!)

I’d try to make this as nice as possible but not to the point that I’ll sugar-coat my real situation, so please go on reading. 

 Why did you want to be a work at home mom? How did your journey start? How long have you been working at home? What sort of work do you do at home?

The question “Why?” is not for me to answer. It wasn’t like a situation that I have to choose between career and being a work-at-home-mom.  It’s not like my career as a nurse was flourishing when I have to give it up. No, I didn’t give it up. I was fired. I was working in a government hospital back then and perhaps you have an idea why I was fired. For a few months, I wasn’t doing anything except to sleep, eat, sleep and eat, I was four months pregnant that time. Thanks to morning sickness! I have reason to rest all day! This didn’t last long as I am the kind of person who wants to be productive at least 80% of the time. (See, I didn’t sugar coat it. Hehe.) 

I bumped into a previous colleague who introduced online teaching to me. Soon, Skype has been my virtual office and began teaching. Up to date, I’m an ESL teacher for 10 months and I spend 3 to 4 hours a day teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to foreigners like Chinese,  Japanese and Koreans. The remuneration is fair enough, although most of the time, monthly remuneration depends on the number of students that you have. Let’s just say I earn 8 to10 thousand a month from teaching alone. Let me tell you this also, it wasn’t roses all the way. There were thorns, too. I’d tell that into detail in the next sections, so you’re left with no option but to keep on reading. Haha.


What steps did you take to become a work at home mom?

Again, it was not like I’m giving up a fruitful career when I turned to work-at-home-mom so everything was a breeze. Everytime I contemplate,  I always tell myself  that this was God’s plan for me and everything happened in the right time. I lost my job but it didn’t make me feel that I was punished. Instead, I felt that it opened a lot of doors for me and discovered that there were and there are a lot of things that I am capable of. My computer has helped me generate a lot of income and the world-wide web always have something to offer. May it be small or big project, it just keeps coming.


What are the struggles you face being a work at home mom? How do you overcome them?

First  and foremost,  I am a work-at-home-mom but not in our home, YET. I still live with my grandparents. Therefore, we have to follow what they think is right. That’s the most difficult of all. Proving yourself to each and everyone and explaining why you preferred to stay and work at home and people pushing you to get a yaya so that you can leave your son at home and work so you don’t look like as if you’re counting everything on them (Whew!). It’s not that we’ll be staying in my grand parents house for the rest of our lives. We just can’t afford to move out, pay rent and our monthly amortization at the same time. With baby’s growing needs and bills left and right, we might end up going back here and I don’t want that to happen. (Haha. Did it seem like a rant?)


Was your expectations met? Why?

I can’t say that it was fully met because we are not YET solely independent. Like, we don’t pay for electricity, water, food and other basic stuff for survival. On the MORE positive note, income from home-based jobs and business can cover other personal expenses like health card fee, monthly amortization, baby’s needs, and a lot more.


What advice can you give to those who want to take this journey? 

For the past 10 months (and counting) that I’ve been a work-at-home-mom, I believe that I haven’t been in the hardest situation, yet. If it comes and I know it will come, I pray that we’re strong enough to face and overcome it. For the short period of time that I’ve been a WAHM, I have come up with a bucket of advice. (Just think of it like fried chicken from Jollibee,  KFC, or your favorite fastfood store). This is not in chronological order.

1.     Discipline is very important here. Just like in a real office set-up, discipline is one important thing for success. Shut down all other websites that aren’t related to the current work on progress or those that may affect your productivity. Most likely, you will end up accomplishing less than what you’ve set for the day or worse, have zero accomplishments.

2.     Research. You can always find home-based jobs in the newspaper, google or any search engine. You just have to research and research.

3.     Reconnect or connect with friends. Tell them to notify you in case they know a job for you.

4.     Ask help from others. You’re not a superwoman! You’re not the kind of girl that they can let go and think that everything’s okay! Girl, you’re only human! (Okay, stop singing now! Haha!) Seriously, ask help from others. When you feel like you’re hands are full with tasks, feel free to have others hold it for you for a while.

5.     Explore your talents. I really never found out that I can write (meaningful ones) not until I became a WAHM. I swear!

6.     PRAY. Always ask for guidance and this is the most powerful tool that you have. May it be for career, family, health or anything, He’s sure there to listen!  And it comes for free!

Thank you so much for reading this. It means a lot to me. I also have my own blog which you can visit. You can click here to access my blog site entitled “Sweet Blog of Mine”. Don’t expect too much.. Haha. I am still in the progress of figuring out what to include there. I am also currently training people who are interested to teach ESL online. If you’re interested, you may click here and like our Facebook page. (Hey! This is still for free so take advantage of it!)

Thank you Eva for allowing us to feature you today!

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