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Mommy Talks

Mommy Talks is a weekly feature of different moms. For this new season, I am featuring work at home moms. Today’s guest is a friend I’ve met online, Ms. Kaye Mendez of WAHMaholic


Hi Kaye. I am honored to feature you today. Can you share something about yourself  so our readers can know you better? 

I am Kaye. I’m a twenty-eight year old work at home mom, and together with my partner Paulie (who is an Illustrator artist), we design WordPress sites for a living. I have a daughter named Svetlana, who will turn five this May. We recently moved to Caloocan City from Baguio City, where we lived for five years. I write in a couple of blogs on my spare time, and I am crazy about colors, fonts and bubble wraps.

Can you share your journey to becoming a work-at-home mom?

Being a work-at-home-mom was not what I envisioned myself to be when I was in college. I didn’t even study for being a web designer (I took up Business Management in the University of the East in Caloocan). I worked for two years as a proofreader then as a writer/researcher in a couple of firms. But when I was almost about to give birth to Svet, an urge to work from home nagged at me so hard. I have been working from home since March 2008, but it wasn’t until after I gave birth that I started to learn how to code and design.

What steps did you take to become a work at home mom?

I resigned from work two months before Svet’s arrival, and did writing and research for an online company for a two months before I created my very first blog on Blogger. I wasn’t contented with the free themes that I could get my hands on at that time, so I decided to learn how to do it myself. Several months later, I bought my own domain and had it on WordPress. I took an even bigger challenge of learning the ropes of WordPress coding and design. I haven’t looked back since.

What are the struggles you face being a work at home mom? How do you overcome them?

Working at home wasn’t an easy decision to make at the time, as I had a lot of insecurities and uncertainties. It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park in the first two years. When I mustered enough courage to start charging people for my design services, there weren’t a lot of bloggers willing to entrust their blog design to someone who just started doing it, someone self-taught, at that. I was very frustrated as it was barely bringing food on our table, but I held tight. I found online friends who boosted my morale (a big shout out to my Marce club!) and who helped me spread the word about my business. It was not a lot, but it was more than enough.

Was your expectations met? Why?

I didn’t expect working from home to be this fulfilling. I expected to miss working in the office in the early years. Certainly, I didn’t expect to be earning a lot. Time has proven me wrong, and now I believe my choice to work from home is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life, as I cannot imagine any other work more suitable for me. I love doing what I do, I love it more because I earn an amount bigger than I imagined I could earn, and I love it most because it allows me to be the mom who’s always there for Svet whenever she needs me.


What advice can you give to those who want to take this journey?

Being a WAHM is worth all the initial frustration, is what I always say to people who ask me if they should pursue working from home. The hardship will always be there, but if you find one thing you are passionate about and find a way to earn from it in the comforts of your own home, stick to it and you will reap the rewards far better than you have imagined. Be strong and never let it go. Find fellow Pinay WAHMs who can relate to you, as they will serve as an important lifeline as you go through this journey. Most importantly, always ask for guidance from Above.

Where can we see your work online?

If you’re looking for me elsewhere on the Internet, I can also be found at my other blog, Beauty Queen Gene, my kikay outlet. I also have a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account and I am  constantly on Facebook as well. Paulie and I house all our WordPress themes at Squeesome! Designs, and we hope to see you there soon and work on a project together!


Thank you Kaye!


  1. I have always admired Kaye for being a good friend that she is. She is talented and a very good writer in the true sense of the word. More power to you mare. And more clients abound for Squeesome Designs!

  2. Thank you for the feature Chris! So honored to be here 🙂

  3. Kaye is one of the wonders of the world (well in the blogging world, or mommy world i should say). I look up to her, literally and figuratively (you bet she’s taller than i am, way too tall).. Kidding aside, she’s an inspiration, and yes I was there 4 years ago when she said she wanted to design and be a programmer someday. Fast forward to today, time flew so fast I hardly see her on fb but I stalk her wahmaholic blog from time to time, and it proved so much how she has grown (although i hope she doesn’t grow taller anymore). cheers, marces!

  4. Ate Kaye’s the best! She’s always there when I needed her and by her other siblings. She’s the one who always inspired and keep telling me that I should and can work at home. I am now trying my best to follow her steps as a WAHM and I know that she’ll always be there for me. Just don’t disturb her when she’s working. Goodluck to the new project!

  5. a salute for this Mommy Journey and for featuring Kaye. yes, she’s great and even greater in every endeavor she chooses. being her mom, i always trusted her because she always had that daring personality and works on it painstakingly, by heart. she seldom raises her hands up to asked for help. she’s a tough woman indeed and a real warrior of life…kudos for the two of you and to all WAHM’s out there!!

  6. I love fonts and colors too but sadly, I am not blessed with creativity that Kaye has. Hers is real talent and I am thankful to have known her.

    May your work spread like wild fire for the beautification of every web site there is!

  7. Kaye is one of the bloggers I admire the most. She was the one who dressed up my 2 blogs ( and ( I can’t believe that she just learned doing it through self study, I wish I can also find my passion and do the same soon.

    Kudos to Kaye and I wish squeesome to have lots of clients.

  8. Kaye is one of the people I truly love. She’s very kind hearted at totoong tao – never plastic 🙂 She’s someone who you cal always count on!

    I wish her lots and lots of success!

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