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I remember first being pregnant 10 years ago. It was an exciting journey yet it was also a scary one as you don’t know what to expect. Being pregnant then was very different from being pregnant today. Today, there are loads of information available through technology and books which can help any pregnant mom in her journey.

I recently saw the Pregnancy App that Anmum has developed to help moms everywhere in their pregnancy journey. This application is more like a diary, program, reference, reminder and a friend a preggy mom can count on.

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 Here are the highlights of the application:

Keeps your Pregnancy on Track

  • Receive weekly updates on the progress of your pregnancy so you know what to expect and you can be better prepared for it.
  •  The Kick Counter tracks your baby’s movement to help gauge its health inside your womb.
  • The Weight Tracker and exercise tips help you track and maintain a healthy pregnancy weight.
  • Trying to remember all the important reminders, dates, and appointments can be overwhelming. Never miss a doctor’s appointment again with the app’s scheduling feature.

Guides and Helps you Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Have a healthy pregnancy diet and get the nutrients you need with our healthy recipes.
  • Take the 1-Minute Folate Test and check if you’re fulfilling your daily Folate requirement. Folate is a crucial nutrient for your baby’s proper brain and body development.
  • Set regular reminders so you won’t forget to take your milk, vitamins, and supplements.

Connects you with Caring Team of Experts

  • Get the answers and assurance you need when you need it. The caring team of experts- OB-gyne, Pediatrician, Nutritionist, and Parenting Expert are just a click away!

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The new Pregnancy App from Anmum acts as a portal to different information that pregnant women need to have immediate access to.  I personally like the weight tracker, kick counter and folate test. These are the things that I always wondered about when I was still pregnant and I didn’t want to keep bothering my OB-GYNE so having these app would make the pregnancy journey more enjoyable and easier to stay healthy. Not to mention that it  would certainly help give the pregnant mom more peace of mind.

If you want to try this pregnancy app, you may download the NEW Anmum Pregnancy app. Simply search for “Anmum Pregnancy App” on the Google Play Store for Android devices (“Android link”) or on the Apple App Store for iOS devices (“iOS link”). It is downloadable for FREE.

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