Our Summer Activities for 2013

The 2 month summer vacation is already half way done. I can’t believe how fast the month of April passed by! We were really busy with loads of summer activities we’ve done the past month.

I am glad that my daughter is content with continuing with her ballet training as her ballet recital is happening soon this May. She has always wanted to have her own farm so I was quite worried that she might want to be an equestrian or that she might ask for equestrian gear. Thankfully, she decided that she would take up basic swimming classes which was being offered by Lozada Swimming School in our village. We are very happy with her progress as she initially was really scared of putting her head under water! After completing her class, she can now swim confidently.


My son is taking up football and swimming this summer. He is very athletic and doesn’t seem to run out of energy! He is almost finished with his swimming lessons and I am so glad that he has learned this skill at an early age.


Aside from sports activities, we also create crafts, read stories and make puzzles together. Summer indeed  is a fun time for the whole family!




  1. Hi Chris, long time no read here. Wow naman, iba talaga diyan sa Pinas. Daming activities na pwedeng gawin ang kids! Naku, dito, wala e. Napakadalang then mahal pa. So we just visit parks and other historical sites na lang pag me time. Miss ko tuloy ang Pinas. For sure, if we went there this summer, dami din sinalihan nina Gabby and Sunday. 🙂

    Have a nice week, Chris!

  2. Swimming is really a great skill for kids.

    • It is a life skill they must learn. I never learned it when I was young so I am grateful that my kids learned to swim.

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