Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Personalized party favors are a must at any baby shower. Give your guests a personalized memento of this special day with personalized baby shower favors at ABC favors offers a variety of ways to customize your party favors.

Hanging gift tags are a trendy, appropriate way to personalize baby shower favors. Since ABC favors has such a huge variety of hanging gift tags it’s easy to select those that fit your theme perfectly.

You can personalize tags in many different ways including with names, dates, and personal messages. You can also use these tags for games. Use sets of tags to designate team members. Hide tags in a variety of styles around the party area for a fun scavenger hunt. These tags really do have loads of uses.

Another way to personalize gift bags is to use labels from ABC favors. These labels also feature different designs including sleeping babies and cute animals. Create a great presentation with baby shower favor bags neatly lined up on a table affixed with personalized labels. What a great way to greet your guests!

A baby shower just wouldn’t be the same without personalized party favors from Not only will your guests appreciate the small tokens of gratitude, but they will also have something to remember this special day by.

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