5 Activities to Commemorate the Philippine Independence Day

Today is the Independence Day of the Philippines. It is a perfect opportunity to teach the kids about their country and how to become a good citizen of the country. Here are some of the activities that we do:

Watch a movie related to the Independence day of the Philippines. Recently, we watched El Presidente, a movie about Emilio Aguinaldo and the Philippine republic.   Another good movie would be Jose Rizal.

Watch short videos about the different places in the Philippines. We watched the It’s More Fun in The Philippines Official Videos and the kids appreciated the country even more. It would be better if you can actually visit this places too.

Collect postcards and review them together to identify the richness of our culture and our country.

Read story books which encourage the children to grow up as good citizens of the country. We recently won a book from AbsolutelyMommy’s giveaway and it was perfect. We read and we discussed how to to be good citizens of the country. We also sang along as we listened to the song about being a good Filipino.

photo (90)

Create crafts that would enhance the kid’s knowledge and love for their country. You can choose to create a flag or a mural of some sort about the country. This year, we chose to create a craft which shows why it is more fun in the Philippines.photo (91)



It is important for the parents to pass on their love of country to their children. Here is a post I made last year about different ways to cultivate this love for country in our kids.


  1. Taju Medrano says

    Wow I found this article on google and am I glad it’s from you! Thanks teacher Christine!

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