System Pavers

System Pavers is the company to go to if you need careful paving at your home or business. They have been in business since 1998 and are experts in installation of interlock pavers, artificial turf, outdoor lighting systems, and outdoor living products such as grills, tables, seating, and bars to enhance your property and quality of living.

When in the process of getting paving stones installed, you will notice the careful preparation that the System Pavers workers do before installation. The area is leveled, graded to the optimum slant, compacted, and then layers of stones are put down to a depth of two to eight inches, depending upon your soil composition. That stone is then compacted and a series of paving curbs are put around the edge to contain the stones, pavers, and sand. An adhesive is used to assure that the curb stays in one place. Sand is then screeded over the stone to provide a secure basis for the installed pavers. Finally, interlocking paving stones are laid and cut to fit using a special diamond saw. Each paver is fitted so it does not shift whatever is done to it. The final step after installing the stones requires the installers to carefully check for smoothness and security in the fit. They will spray water over the newly installed pavers to make certain that no puddles from an uneven base arise.

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