These are the Days of My Life

I love spending time with my children.

Whether it is playing a board game or putting puzzle pieces together, I always learn something new about them. I learn that my daughter likes structure while my son is more playful. We enjoy reading books or watching movies while resting on our¬†best yoga bolsters. We talk about the details and the characters of the story. We exchange ideas and share our life together. We also enjoy drawing, painting or doing art works.¬†Sometimes, we goof around. We play rough and physical. We walk arond the village and ride the bike together. We play football. We study together and try to understand a new concept together. We talk about God and His word. We all know how we have failed Him and why we need Jesus in our lives. Sometimes, we get on each other’s nerves but we eventually learn to forgive one another. We laugh and cry together.

These are the days of my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Hi Cris! It’s been long time when I last saw you. I so love how you live your life, quietly, peacefully and lovingly…

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