Ways to Recharge Yourself, Part 2

If you are a mom like me, you probably have worn different hats at your house. From being the chef  who prepares the meal every day to the driver who brings your kids to their scheduled appointments to the nurse who makes sure that your kids drink their medicine on time to the party planner who tries to find best custom printed table runners and cheapest way to make their kids’ party the most memorable one.

At the end of the day, we should not forget to take some time off and get some “me time”! I asked some moms to find out how they stay refreshed and get recharged. Here are their replies:

Time management. Prioritizing. Learning to say No to too much extra curricular. Not spreading myself too thin, with the many invitations I get. And of course me time: salon, massage, reading a good book, writing on my journal.- Christine Babao, TV Host, Book Author

A mani-pedi and a massge keeps me sane. I also go out with close friends. – Belle Delos Reyes from Cruisin Mommyhood

I used to do yoga when I wasn’t pregnant.  I regularly attended yoga manila classes. Now that I have Zeeka, I take breaks by going to the mall with her 🙂 she loves going around. I play wih her too. – Ginger Arboleda, WAHM, Entrepreneur (http://ManilaWorkshops.com ) Blogger (Manila Reviews, Manila Fitness, GingerArboleda, MommyGinger)

Go for pedicure/foot spa, home service style. When I have time, I read novels. – Mariel Uyquiengco from The Learning Basket

How? 1. I have a really good yaya so I know my kids are in good hands when I’m out. 2. I have my business which I love. 3. I go out with my friends – with the SoMoms, it’s both work and play so it’s relaxing in itself.  Kris De Guzman from OCMominManila, SoMoms

I meet up with friends over lunch, merienda/coffee or dinner and schedule some alone time at the salon or spa.  Patty Balquiedra from Non Stop Babble, SoMoms,WAHM/Entrepreneur

I go out with friends, watch a movie with DH or have a relaxing massage. – Michelle from Mrs Martinez Raves and Rants

I go offline for a few hours on busy days just to re-focus. I also go out with my barkada for dinner – just us girls, to catch up and reconnect. I intentionally wake up late on weekends, then have food delivered to take a break fr cooking. – Michelle from MyMomFriday, SoMoms

My schedule has always been erratic but now-a-days, I find solace in listening to radio preachings while driving and listening to worship music while doing household chores. I also love watching movies at home after doing all our chores in front of our huge flat screen snuggled. – Donita Rosa Villarama, TV personality

We’d like to know how you take time to relax and recharge yourself. Do leave a comment and let us know.


  1. Thanks for including me in this post! I liked reading about what other busy moms do to recharge. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful entry. It’s always nice to know what other moms are doing to recharge themselves.


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