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Over time, a boat is going to be damaged slightly. This is just the nature of the vehicle; it exists in a world where mistakes can happen and the weather and environment play a vital roll. Most people have to do work on their boats every year to keep them in good shape. However, there are things that you can do to reduce the amount of damage that is done to a boat every summer.

If you put your boat at a dock, you should always make sure that you put it on the side where the waves and the current will push it away from the dock. You want them to carry it out against the ropes so that all of the stress is on those ropes and cleats, which will be able to handle it with ease since they are made for it. You do not want the boat to be pushed repeatedly against the dock, scratching or even breaking the hull.

If you get boat lifts from, you should make sure that there is always padding on the top side of the lift. Some will come with rubber or carpet over the metal. You can also use inflatable bumpers on the bottom or the side of the boat to lessen the impact. Remember that the metal can easily scratch the paint or the finish on the hull if you do not use some sort of padding, and a small scratch allows water to rot the boards.

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