Influencing Our Children

Yesterday’s preaching was about being the salt of the earth. It meant that we have to be influencers in the society we are moving in. God has placed us where we are for a specific reason and we should not shrink back and let the world overcome us. Specifically, as parents, we are to be the main influencers in the lives of our children.

With the emergence of technology and social media, the iPad and different gadgets are taking most of the time of our children away from us, the parents, whom God has called to influence our children. We wonder why our children hardly looks forward to talking with us when they come home from school and we think that providing them with the latest gadgets is the best way to let our children know that we love them.

We need to get our perspective straightened out. Being a parent is more than staying ahead of technology but becoming the main influencers in the lives of our children. While the children are young, we need to cultivate this time we have with them so that we can teach them what really matters in life. How can we do this?

1. Spend less time in front of ┬áthe technology gadgets we have. As parents, our children need to see that we don’t spend all our free time in front of the TV, the computer or our smartphones.

2. Engage in conversations. We need to communicate our values to our children. Share with them what is happening around the society and let them know what you think. It would be best to study and try to understand how Jesus would have wanted us to act if we ourselves are caught in such situations.

3. Read the Bible together. Discuss the lessons that we learn and how we can apply them in our lives.

4. Spend time with the children and pursue their interests.

5. Create family memories. Travel together, join outreach activities and special activities which can unite the family even more.

If we want the next generation to listen to us, we need to start listening to them now. Spending time together can be the start. Becoming influencers in the lives of our children entails hard work, but it is worth all the effort and the time.


  1. You are right with number 1 that is why I don’t have a tv set in my baby’s room. I want her to experience different activities inside her room. I spend as much time as I can with her because I wanted her to grow up feeling loved.


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