Money Saving Tips

As a mom who wants to save money, I was glad to come across the post about 13 Pinterest power users whose sole purpose is to help you save money in It was actually my first time to browse through Pinterest.

There are so many tips about money management or thrift decor ideas that I really appreciate. One of my favorites is making the most from old stuff. It can be a big help to the environment and the same time, save money and spark one’s creativity. Being thrift doesn’t necessarily mean saving money but it also means being resourceful.

Some of the great tips I’ve seen are:

– Reusing jars as containers or decorations.

– Use vingear as a DIY cleaner.

– Reusing plumbing materials for the bookshelf.

– Bookmark from old bookspines

– Reusing old clothes to become laundry bags

– Lampshades from old items like the globe

– Reusing the baby cribs to become office tables

– Old skateboard as a swing


There are so many great ideas that one can learn by looking at these photos.  I don’t consider myself crafty but after browsing through the photos, there are actually many ideas that don’t require one to be crafty at all. It just requires resourcefulness.



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