Subsurface Water Main and Sewer


Sewer and water problems never wait for a convenient time to start acting up. The Thanksgiving turkey is ready to be served when the drain backs up or the in-laws come to visit and the tree roots pick that day to infiltrate the sewer line causing one smelly, horrible backed up mess.

Subsurface Water Main and Sewer is a family owned and operated company so they are well aware of inconveniences such as these and the frustrations they cause. The company services residential and commercial proties for water main and sewer lines replacement and installation, manholes, fire hydrants, catch basins, detention tanks and fire sprinklers. They are ready for emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The crews at Subsurface Water Main and Sewer are experienced professionals who will complete the repair right the first time. They have proudly serviced the New York City and Five Boroughs areas for three generations. All work is inspected by an experienced supervisor to make sure it strictly adheres to NYC DEP code.

So whether your problem is a cracked Brooklyn water main or a Bronx sewer back up you can count on the experience of three generations of the Pullini family experts to get your home restored to comfortable conditions.

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