The Heart of Our Homeschool : Heart Formation

Early this year, I was asked by Mariel of The Learning Basket to share a post about the heart of our homeschool as a part of a series over at her blog. I would like to share that post with you, my dear readers so that you would get a glimpse why we homeschool. 

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“Mommy, he hit me!” “Me first!” “I want it now!” These are some of the words you’d hear my kids shout if you were with us on a regular homeschool day. Both of my kids love being with each other but sometimes, they also end up fighting and getting irritated with one another.  We all know that this is a common scenario in homes, but if not addressed properly, the children will grow up with heart issues and eventually character problems later on.


As each day progresses, I get to know the personality of each of my child. Though they are siblings, they are so different from one another. They enjoy different activities and pursue different interests yet we as one family try to support and build each other in every way possible. My daughter loves the arts while my son is the sporty type. They take turns in supporting each other’s interests by being present in each other’s activities. This way, they learn to cooperate and be supportive of each other.


When one of the kids become angry, we take time off from what we are doing to discuss what happened and why it happened. This allows the child to learn how to deal with disappointments and hurts. They learn to deal with each other’s weakness and failures. They also learn to accept and truly forgive one another.


We often discuss love but putting it into practice is what we intentionally try to do. Knowing the five languages of love and how each child’s love tank is filled is important. This way, we get to express love within the family. Small acts of service throughout the day, expressing one’ s love through cards, letters and other gifts, hugging extensively, words of praise and  spending adequate time together


Hard work and patience is not something that the kids learn overnight. Laziness and not giving their best seems to creep in whenever we are doing school work. We remind them that God deserves the best and every little thing we do is a reflection of our service to Him. There is no shortcut to diligence.


Above all, faith in God is one f the most important lessons the children needs to learn. Without knowing Jesus Christ personally, everything else wouldn’t matter in the end. Early on, we share the love of Christ to them and we teach them the Word of God so that they will grow up with wisdom and faith will grow in their hearts.


Homeschooling gives me the opportunity to address the issues of the heart. As parents, we are given ample time to discover our kids and shepherd them towards the right path. What the kids will be in the future depends on their heart formation today.  For our family, the heart formation of the children is most important to us, and that is the heart of our homeschool.




  1. Homeschooled pala ang kids mo. I still have a long way to go, pwede ko pa pag isipan what I want for my daughter.


  2. Great points, Chris. Sometimes, I wonder if I am doing the right things in bringing up our 5 children. It’s really tough, that is why we need to have a reason/foundation for why we do what we do. I am homeschooling now my last daughter. The others are going to a Christian school. We are still working on balancing things, attitudes and more. God bless you.

    • It is easy to get lost but once we know the true reason or foundation, we will always have something to look back at.

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