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Parents who are looking for charming floor coverings for their children’s rooms will find a variety of childrens rugs at that will delight little girls and boys. Shoppers can also order custom rugs.

One rug for little girls has flowers and butterflies in bright colors. Another rug has green and pink butterflies and a paisley pattern. There are plenty of flowered rugs for girls who like pretty blossoms. One of these rugs has cherry blossoms. Another flowered rug has pink and purple flowers with green and yellow leaves. Parents are likely to find their daughter’s favorite color in the selection of rugs here. There are purple, pink, lime, raspberry, tangerine and red rugs. White rugs are available with raspberry, lime or tangerine polka dots.

Rugs for boys have robots, footballs, baseballs, stars or vehicles. Colors of boys’ rugs include light blue, dark blue, brown and black. White rugs with polka dots have blue or brown polka dots.

Custom rugs with a child’s initial are sold here. Parents can also order custom rugs with stripes in their child’s favorite colors. Rugs with zebra or leopard prints are available. These rugs have printed squares and colored squares. Parents can pick the colors of the colored squares.

Round and rectangular rugs are available.


  1. Sheena Malate says

    Wow! These rugs are too cute! 🙂

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