Gentle Reminder About Life

When I was just in my 20s, I didn’t have any concern about my physical body. I remember being able to sleep late or early morning but still function well the next day. No health issues nor any body pain. I still remember that hubby and I had time to go to the gym. Now in my mid 30s, I am feeling the age of my body. I can no longer afford to sleep late at night and still function well the next day. I also feel body pains every now and then.

It makes me realize that life is indeed very short. We all need to be responsible for the time that God has given us. We can drink vitamins, supplements and maintenance medicines but in the end, the number of our days is already written by God in our destinies. We may buy generic lipitor online or other maintenance medicines but truly, we can not do anything to add a day to our life.

A gentle reminder for you and for me: Let us use our days to fulfill the purpose upon which God has created us for. Life is short. Let us use our life for the glory of God. For in the end, that is all that matters.

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