Intentional Discipleship

Just recently, I have involved myself in some ministry opportunities that God has opened up for me. Introvert as I am, I don’t like initiating activities. But I realized that Jesus has called us to make disciples and this is the perfect opportunity to get out of my shell, and follow Jesus’ mandate of making disciples.

I have been going through Roots and Wings discipleship series of Rev. Edmund Chan with another family and through the weeks we have been studying this series, God has confirmed that intentional discipleship is the ministry what He wants me to pursue. He also was the one who gave me people who I can disciple.

Another unexpected oppotunity is to disciple the younger generation. Since we are part of a church planting endeavor, there is a need to disciple and teach the young kids attending the worship service. Aside from teaching my own kids, I have no idea how to teach other children but God’s grace is more than enough. Along with the help of my daughter, we have been teaching the children for the past 3 Sundays now. It has been a blessing to work alongside my daughter (she is my assistant) and to teach other children about Jesus, the Bible and God.

Through the weeks that I have been leading the various groups, I know that it is only through the Holy Spirit that I am able to do this. It is such a privilege to work for the Lord and let Him use my life to touch the life of others.  What a joy to see how God works in the life of others!

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