Things to Do On a Family Staycation

One of the biggest costs involved with going on holiday is the price of accommodation. In recent years many people have started to take this expense out of the equation for their holidays however, and are taking a staycation instead. With more people choosing UK holidays the staycation is the logical next step.

A staycation means taking a break from work, but not going away anywhere on holiday. You still have to pay rent or a mortgage when you are away from home on holiday, so why not use your house as a base instead and travel to nearby attractions, events and places of interest each day. It is just like a holiday, but with all your home comforts and no big hotel bill. There are loads of things you can do to fill the days that the whole family will enjoy. Why not try and win a holiday to Butlins too, just enter the Cushelle UK competition to be in with a chance.


Kids love a trip to the cinema, and it the perfect activity for rainy days. Take food in with you to save on the cost of overpriced popcorn, as the tickets are now very expensive in themselves. Choose a film between you that the whole family can enjoy, like Monster’s University or Despicable Me 2.


Swimming is an important life skill as well as a fun activity. Kids should learn how to swim while they are young as it becomes more difficult for them to learn as adults. Use your staycation as an excuse to take them to the local pool a few times. Have fun playing in the water and encourage your kids to practice their swimming.

Theme Parks

If you are saving on accommodation costs you might have a little bit on money in the pot for some big trips on your staycation. One of children’s most desired excursions is a trip to a theme park. Find out where your nearest attractions of this type are, and enjoy a day being a thrill seeker with your kids.

Try a staycation this summer; you’ll be surprised how much you save that you can then spend on fun trips with your family. Plan an itinerary like you would if you were away and enjoy your holiday!


  1. We’ve done a staycation before. My husband took some time off from work and we did things we wouldn’t normally do. We had a great time!

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