Gifts For The Holidays

Christmas is less than a hundred days away and this year, I want to make the most of this season. It is the season when people are receptive to gifts and I would like to give gifts that actually mean something to the recipients. I want to personalize the gifts if possible. It doesn’t matter if it is an expandable baton or a tissue holder, as long as it is personalized. It should make as a nice gift.

Personalized mugs, keychains and notebooks are on top of my list.

Books and learning materials are good choices especially for young children or teenagers.

Educational toys are good for young children as well.



  1. The cost of the gift is immaterial. One of my close friends once
    provided me his recipe for one of my favorite meals,
    scribbling it out in calligraphy on parchment paper, combined with a proposal to prepare it with me.
    Total monetary value around zero, while one of the most charming
    and thoughtful present that I have evver received.

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